How to use our fancy cocktail garnishes

Want to know how to make fancy, fun and delicious drinks at home in a flash?


Fizz Fancy Sherbet Cocktail Rim Garnishes will instantly take any drink from basic to boujie!

  • Bubblegum Dream - featuring our bestselling bubblegum sherbet with rainbow sprinkles. Perfect for fun and fruity cocktails.
  • Bed of Roses - a fragrant blend of our rose sherbet and stunning edible dried rose petals to make any drink Insta-worthy. Try it with your cosmo, gin & tonic, or anything with a floral note.
  • Spicy Lime - our citrusy lime sherbet and lightly smoked dried chilli flakes - perfect with margaritas, beers, ciders or seltzers. 
  • Coco Loco - our sour pineapple sherbet with roasty toasty shredded coconut - the perfect partner for your coconut-based or tropical fruity bevs.


  1. Sprinkle a generous amount of the cocktail rim garnish onto a plate.
  2. Moisten the rim of your cocktail glass with a slice of lemon or other fruit.
  3. Roll the rim through the garnish.
  4. Pour your drink and enjoy

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